Starborne Republica

A Republic Carried by The Stars

About The Game

Starborne Republica is an upcoming Scifi Sandbox MMORPG built with action combat. The game takes place on the planet of Nova Orbis in the Alpha Centauri System in the year 3032, 600 years after the fall of earth. Our game is inspired heavily by Star Wars Galaxies, but built to be a more modern version of it.


Action Combat

Our combat system is designed to be a skill based action combat system with no tabbed targetting.

Player Bounty System

Our game will have a player bounty system similiar to the bounty hunting system in Star Wars Galaxies.


In our game our PvP system will consist of open world PvP objectives, guild vs guild content and territory control.

Player Created Colonies and Guild Bases

In our game you will not only have player housing, but will also be able to start your own open world colonies and guild bases.

No Classes

There are no character classes in our game. Instead we use a skill point based system similar to the one in Star Wars Galaxies where you can customize your own skills from multiple skill trees.

PvE and Crafting

Our game will have dungeons and world bosses aswell as a robust crafting system and player ran economy where there are no item drops in our world, only materials and resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Starborne Republica?
Starborne Republica is a third person action combat MMORPG from Spectre Gaming Studio.
It will be an open world sandbox MMO with a focus on community.

What game engine are you using?
We are currently using Unreal Engine 4, but are considering the move to UE5 once it is released.

When will alpha/beta testing start?
A timeline is currently being worked on.

How big is the development team?
Currently just my wife and I are the only fulltime developers, this is a small project until we obtain funding to grow our team.
I am not ashamed of this fact and am proud of what we have accomplished so far.

Is this game going to be pay to win?
There will absolutely not be any pay to win mechanics or cash shop items in Starborne Republica.

How does gear work in this game?
Every item in the game will be crafted by players. All drops will be crafting materials.
Some materials will be common while others will be rare and harder to obtain.

Gameplay Videos

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